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Argus (disambiguation).

Argus McSwine is an anthropomorphic pig.


The Scottish-born Argus McSwine, known for using all sorts of aliases, is a crooked businessman. Far from being as rich as Scrooge McDuck, McSwine compensates with sheer loathsomeness, engaging in innumerable illegal activites over the years, including several cases of attempted murder.

Behind the scenesEdit

McSwine was created in 1957 by Carl Barks in Forbidden Valley.

He reused the exact same design for several stories later on, casting doubt on whether all the "pig-faced villains" (as they are known) were truly the same individual. Later writers, however, agreed to name him Argus McSwine consistently, this being the name Barks used in his first appearance.

On several occasions, Barks had used other, similar "pig-faced villains" who are not considered to be Argus himself — often because they lack McSwine's trademark mustache. They include Soapy Slick and Magnum P. Highpower.

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