Arild Midthun (born May 1964) is a Norwegian illustrator and comic book artist. He is most known for illustrating Donald Duck comics for the Norwegian magazine Donald Duck & Co.

Biography Edit

Arild started with his career in 1977, drawing newspaper strips for Bergens Tidene. He contributed to various Norwegian comic magazines and won the Sproing Award (The Norwegian equivalent to Eisner Awards). In 1995 he became the newspaper Aftenposten's illustrator.

He started creating Disney Comics in 2004, writing the story How To Frame A Crook[1], with Tormod Løkling and drawn by Miguel Fernandez Martinez. The first story he drew was Telly Trouble[2].

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Stories Edit

Most of Midthun's stories are written by someone else. Mostly other Norwegians like Knut Nærum and Tormod Løkling. His stories are often in the crime/mystery genre, but he does other work as well.

Drawing style Edit

Arild Midthun's drawing style is detailed and well executed. His work has a lot of similarities to Frenco-Belgian comics like Asterix and Lucky Luke.

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Drawing for the Norwegian magazine Donald Duck & Co. "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

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