NonDisney “Article 24” (also titled Article 24 in the original French) is a one-page comic story written and drawn by José Luis Munuera. It features Zorglub.


Zorglub describes his hectic and surprisingly vacation-like life as a supervillainous mad scientist.

Behind the scenesEdit

This comic story has, so far, only ever been printed in October of 2018, in French, in Le Journal de Spirou #4200. It was part of a special "theme" issue, featuring one-pagers of almost all characters regularly featured in the Journal illustrating (with varying degrees of seriousness or accuracy) each of the 30 Articles of the United Nations‘ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It illustrated Article 24.

The issue featured several other Article one-pagers featuring Spirou characters, insofar as each was the star of their own spin-off: Article 30, Article 3 and the Preamble.

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