Artorius Riothamus, not to be confused with Wart, was a minor warlord in England during the dark ages.

Description Edit

Artorius Riothamus was a minor warlord during the dark ages, who was known for having an extremely weak army. At one point during his reign, his kingdom was visited by Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Gyro Gearloose, and Little Helper, who had time traveled. Thinking they were Saxon invaders (and a magical mouse), Artorius sent his army after them, only to be defeated by Donald wielding a helmet powered by the Stonehenge. Artorius's kingdom and army were mostly destroyed by the power of the helmet, and the Ducks traveled back to their time. However, Artorius's bard, Myrddin, began to travel the land, telling all that it was Artorius who performed the feats that Donald and Little Helper performed, to make Artorius sound like a fierce warrior so his enemies would be afraid of him. This grew into the original tale of King Arthur.

Behind the scenes Edit

Artorius Riothamus first appeared in The Once and Future Duck in 1996.

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