Astro Pooch is a comic strip drawn by Floyd Gottfredson. It features the debuts of Astro Pooch and the Angry Cheese Alien.


Astro Pooch flies to the Green Moon, hungry for cheese. He crashes on the planet and meets his future archfoe, the Angry Cheese Alien, who throws the cheese in his face when Astro's first words of greeting are to ask for the cheese.

Behind the scenesEdit

Astro Pooch was created in 1965 by Floyd Gottfredson to be a background comic seen in the 1968 live-action comedy, Never a Dull Moment.

Due to their sheer oddity, the comic and its characters have become a bit of a recurring joke among Disney comic enthusiasts, with joking plans of a The Floyd Gottfredson Library of Walt Disney's Astro Pooch Adventures in Color Vol. 1 book discussed by Gemstone editor John Clark. Astro Pooch underwent a surge in popularity in 2018 when an absurdly lengthy, tangent-prone "review" of the strip was featured as Duck Comics Revue's April Fools' prank, starting a trend of fan-made Astro Pooch Poems in various languages.

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