Atlantis is the 2017 Continuum version of the city of the same name.

Description Edit

Atlantis is the famous and mysterious sunken city off the coast of the Drake Barrier Reef. The entire population of the city either abandoning it or perishing with its collapse, Atlantis is a lost city with great treasure.


Rise and fallEdit

The Atlanteans were an advanced species of Ants who wanted to build a city of wonder and death traps, and so they built Atlantis on the surface of the ocean.

They achieved this goal, as the city was filled with artifacts of great power and several lethal death traps. However, the Atlanteans simply forgot to build a proper support system and thus the entire city collapsed on itself, killing the population and flipping the entire city upside down.

After the collapseEdit

An untold number of years after the collapse, the city of Atlantis became the destination for Scrooge McDuck, his nephews, Flintheart Glomgold and his henchmen, wanting to retrieve the treasures the city held. After Flintheart snatched the fake Jewel of Atlantis, he made a break for it, leaving the city and attempting to destroy it, killing not only the Duck-McDuck family, but his employees in the process. However, with quick thinking, Dewey Duck (2017 Continuum) discovered that he had taken the wrong jewel and deduced that the jewel up on the floor was the actual treasure the entire time. With the help of Scrooge and Donald, Dewey pried the jewel away.

Moments later, he reunited with his friends and family as they were dispatching Flintheart's goons. Now all together, the Duck-McDuck family, along with Launchpad McQuack and Flintheart's goons entered Scrooge's submarine, sailing away from the collapsing city to safety.


The Atlantean culture was built upon the desire to house as much culture and death traps as they possibly could. As such, the architecture and treasures the civilization housed were truly wondrous, but also lead into their untimely demise.


The Atlantean had incredible technology for their time. They were able to produce machinery such as saw blades and laser pointers, as well as other simpler, yet still advanced works of engineering such as geysers of fire. Perhaps their most advanced piece of technology was the Jewel of Atlantis, which was said to be able to power Duckburg for over fifty years.

Behind the scenesEdit

This version of Atlantis was first seen in 2017 in Woo-oo!.


  • The hieroglyphics featured in the Atlantean halls were more than likely designed after Egyptian hieroglyphs, although some hieroglyphs also resemble Aztec hieroglyphs.
  • The architecture of Atlantis appears to be modeled after famous Mesoamerican sites such as Chichen Itza
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