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“Aunt Eider”, whose last name is a matter of much debate but may variously be McPaperduck, McDuck, Rockerduck or something else entirely, is a female anthropomorphic duck.


A strong-headed, impossibly old woman with a strong commitment to "helping" relatives who rarely want her intrusive sort of assistance, Aunt Eider is the aunt of both Scrooge McDuck and John D. Rockerduck, and seems to see the two billionaires' business rivalry as nothing more than the spat of two unruly children, to both ducks' unending dismay.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Eider first appeared in Most Helpful Aunt Eider, written by Dick Kinney and drawn by Al Hubbard.

There exists a great wealth of fan theories to place Eider's exact relationship to Scrooge and Rockerduck. Gilles Maurice's notorious fanmade version of the Duck family tree makes her out to be the first cousin to Rockerduck's mother, with the two being nieces of Scrooge's grandmother, Molly Mallard. In contrast, many other theories peg Eider as the sister of Rockerduck's mother.

It is at any rate quite possible that she be a sibling of Duckpaper McPaperduck, who is presented as an uncle of Rockerduck and Scrooge both.

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