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The Authors were two human beings encountered by Mickey Mouse and Goofy inside a hypnotic dream induced by Abdul the Mesmerist.


In 1949, at the conclusion of a journey through a dream version of Dante's Hell induced by the hypnotist Abdul, Mickey Mouse and Goofy found themselves face-to-face with a manifestation of Dante Alighieri who was busy scolding two masked authors — the writer and artist of the very story Mickey was living through — for corrupting his Divine Comedy by using the plot device of Abdul's hypnotism to send them into it.

Behind the scenes

The Authors appears in the notorious 1949 story Mickey's Inferno. The metafictional implication is that they are none other than Guido Martina and Angelo Bioletto, the writer and artist of Mickey's Inferno itself, though such fourth-wall-breaking is best left untangled with, the default assumption taken on this Wiki being that the Authors were simply incomprehensible hallucinations within Mickey's dream.