Awful is a male dwarf.


Awful is a relative of the Seven Dwarfs and another resident of the Kingdom of Snow White in the Black Forest. Being a compulsive thief and drinker, and quite dirty in his manners, Awful is not well-liked by his relatives, who insist that he is a wretch; described as the only "optimistic pessimist" in existence, Awful accepts all of this with a cool head and a sad smile, and lets himself be bossed around by the Seven Dwarfs, even letting it slide if he is punished for someone else's misdeeds. The main ray of sunlight in Awful's life seems to be his dwarf girlfriend Posey, to believe certain accounts.

Behind the scenesEdit

Awful was one of the many possible Dwarfs created in the mid-1930's (in his case, November 1935) as possibilities for the Seven Dwarfs of the 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Though a detailed outline of his personality and role in the film remains, Awful has never officially appeared in a visual medium. On the other hand, he takes a major role in Maria Wentink's Tales of the Enchanted Forest, a long series of unofficial comics focusing on the Seven Dwarfs and other magical beings from the Black Forest; there, he is shown to fall in love with the cheerful dwarf girl Posey.

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