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B.O.Y.D. is a robot built to resemble an anthropomorphic African Grey Parrot.


Mark Beaks built B.O.Y.D. so he would have an excuse to attend Doofus Drake's birthday party and make off with the expensive gift bags (also Beaks couldn't pass up the opportunity to publish numerous pictures of himself with his adorable "son" online). B.O.Y.D. is sweet, polite, and personable. He is considerably more square than Beaks (in spite of a forced attempt to talk like his "father"). B.O.Y.D. was initially under the impression that he was a real boy. After being disillusioned of this by Louie Duck, B.O.Y.D. briefly went haywire. Louie later reprogrammed B.O.Y.D. to believe that Mr and Mrs Drake were his parents, in the hopes that Doofus might reform if he had a peer to befriend.

Behind the Scenes

B.O.Y.D. first appeared in Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake.