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B. A. Beagle is an anthropomorphic dog from the 2017 Continuum, of unknown gender, and possibly one of said universe's Beagle Boys.


Apparently a minor authority on occult lore, B. A. Beagle authored the book The Myth of the Shadow Realm. Webby Vanderquack read the book with interest in 2019 as parts of her research to free Lena De Spell's soul from the Realm in question, where Magica De Spell's curse had trapped her — with Webby theorizing that the “Myth” part of the title was a way for the author to keep the charade of magic's nonexistence while letting their book reach a wide audience. Data are inconclusive on whether B. A. Beagle is Black Arts Beagle, Bachelor of Arts Beagle or Business Affairs Beagle, though, of course, considering the book's subject matter, Black Arts is the most obvious candidate.

Behind the scenes

B. A. Beagle's name appears briefly in the 2019 DuckTales 2017 episode Friendship Hates Magic. Francisco Angones addressed their possible identity on his blog Frank Angones and the Suspenders of Disbelief.