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Bambi is a male deer and the prince of the Black Forest.


Bambi was born as the Young Prince of the Black Forest due to his father's title as the Great Prince of the Forest. When he became an adult, he mated with his childhood friend Faline, became the father to Geno and Gurri, and, after his father's death, stepped into the role of Great Prince of the Forest.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bambi appears to be either a white-tailed deer or mule deer.[1][2] He may be a cross between certain types of deer, but this is just speculation.

He has brown fur and red eyes. As a fawn, his fur is somewhat lighter and is sprinkled with white spots. As he grows, the spots leave and his fur darkens.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bambi's origins can be traced to the creation of character with the same name by Felix Salten for his novel, Bambi: A Life in the Woods. This book was adapted into an animated film, Bambi, by Walt Disney in 1942. Bambi served as the first appearance of this new version of the Bambi character.

Voice ActorsEdit

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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  1. Based on the reproductive habits of real-life white-tailed deer, December 22 would be more likely to be the date of Bambi's conception rather than his birth.
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