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FanworkNon-Canon Tag This Bambi was a young male sentient deer. The character is a parody version of the classic Bambi.


One day, while grazing peacefully in a flowery field, the fawn Bambi found himself in the path of Godzilla; the "confrontation" was short-lived, as the giant reptile simply stepped on Bambi, by all appearances killing the Prince of the Forest in the process. According to one account, despite his apparent young age, Bambi had a son, or at least a descendant of some description, who exacted revenge upon Godzilla thirty years later.

Behind the scenesEdit

This parody version of Disney's Bambi — whose design is somewhat different from the original's — appeared in Marv Newland's famous 1969 parodic cartoon Bambi Meets Godzilla.

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