Fanwork Bambi Meets Godzilla is a notorious unlicensed parody of Disney cartoons and the Godzilla franchise, a cartoon short written and directed by Marv Newland. It features a version of Bambi and a version of Godzilla.


It's a crossover for the ages: Bambi meets Godzilla! Of course, as monster fights go, there may be a certain difference in ability between a fawn and a nuclear-powered dinosaur, but that's hardly going to stop an ambitious filmmaker…


Behind the scenesEdit

This satirical short, created and released in 1969, was the first recorded animation work by Marv Newland. Listed #38 in the notorious 1994 book The 50 Greatest Cartoons, the film is recognized as an iconic "classic" of parody.

It parodied the endless stream of Godzilla sequels put out by Toho Films throughout the 1960's and 1970's wherein Godzilla would meet and fight various other monsters (such as King Kong, Mechagodzilla and so on), by pitting Godzilla against another iconic animal character who was tremendously ill-suited to such a crossover.

Since it ends with the death of Bambi as a fawn, the short is obviously not considered canonical on this Wiki.

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