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Barnacle Bill is an anthropomorphic dog.


Barnacle Bill is a tough but friendly sailor. He is quite passionate about sailing and adventure, even introducing himself as "Barnacle Bill, th' sailor" and proudly bearing a tattoo of a ship on his chest. He's also an alcohol enthusiast, declaring that "if it's in a jug, I'll like it!"

In 1931, he lived with his good friend Kat Nipp. A self-declared knot expert, he often took out the knots in Kat Nipp's tail, which were sometimes placed there by Nipp's rival Mickey Mouse. When Mickey and Bill met, the two quickly got on somewhat friendly terms as Mickey offered Bill some "nepeta cataria" catnip, which Bill enjoyed very much and got drunk on.

Behind the scenes

Barnacle Bill made his first appearance in a strip of Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp originally released on February the 14th, 1931. A similar character had appeared in a strip of Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers, though this character was shown with dark fur whereas Bill's fur was not originally colored at all. Barnacle Bill's existence was first implied in the strip of Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp released on February the 9th, 1931, where Kat Nipp was shown drunkenly stumbled into his and Bill's home with a tail full of knots and emerged just moments later with a knot-less tail. That it was Bill who was taking the knots out of Kat Nipp's tail wasn't revealed until the strip released on February the 14th, the first official, physical appearance of Barnacle Bill.

After Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp, he appeared in a couple of comic stories by Wilfred Haughton but does not seem to have appeared in many other stories.[1]

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