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Barnyard Village is a village presumably located near, perhaps even bordering or being a neighborhood of, Quacktown.[1] It is notably the home of Mrs Cackle and has claimed Donald Duck, Peter Pig, and Elvira Duck as residents in times past.[2]


Barnyard Village is a small, rural locality in the country. It's a cheerful and happy place that is notably free from income taxes and politics. The village consists mostly of farmland and includes a large pond in which a teenage Donald Duck once docked his houseboat. Other denizens of Barnyard Village include or did once include Mrs Cackle and her ten children, including her son Blackie, Peter Pig, and Elvira Duck. It's possible that Elvira never actually lived in the confines of Barnyard Village, but she is known to have lived in walking distance of it.[2]

Behind the scenes

Barnyard Village's first known appearance was in The Wise Little Hen, though it would not be given its name in that short, only being called "Barnyard Village" in the Wise Little Hen comic strip that was released a few months after the cartoon.

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