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Baron Von Sheldgoose, or simply Sheldgoose, is an anthropomorphic gander.


Suave and refined to the point of snobbery, being considered stuffy even by his notoriously-uptight cousin Goosetave Gander,[1][FANWORK] wealthy Baron Von Sheldgoose was the President of the New Quackmore Institute, carrying on his ancestors' legacy of always having a Sheldgoose at the head of the Institute, started by Clinton Coot's treacherous partner in the very founding of the Institute, the Baroness Von Sheldgoose. Though clumsy and mild-mannered, Sheldgoose is an ambitious egomaniac, which has often led to his going down a road of villainy. 

In 1943, the Baron stumbled upon the secret lair of his ancestor, the evil sorcerous overlord Lord Felldrake, whose spirit was now trapped inside his golden sorcerer's staff. Sheldgoose was strong-armed by his ancestor into becoming his henchman and primary mode of locomotion, with Sheldgoose transporting Felldrake all around the world in the late warlock's attempts to regain his full powers and take over the world. This led to Sheldgoose becoming the enemy of the Three Caballeros, though he had taken a dislike to them even before these events, as he found their manners vulgar and disgraceful. 

Behind the scenes

Baron Von Sheldgoose serves as the secondary antagonist of Legend of the Three Caballeros, released in 2018.

His design appears based on that of Goosetave Gander, a fact notable enough that Sarah Jolley's The White Balloon later established Von Sheldgoose to indeed be a cousin of Goosetave's.

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