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Battle of Petras Pennies were coins issued thousands of years before 1965 by the ancient monarch Salamander the Great. Most, if not all, of the pennies ceased to exist due to temporal manipulations.


Shining golden coins bearing the name of Salamander the Great, that of the Battle of Petras and an engraving of a warrior's sword-wielding arm, the Battle of Petras Pennies were thought up by Salamander as he prepared to wage war on the nearby city of Petras. In the original version of events, Salamander went through with his dastardly project and did coin the pennies, which became extremely valuable antiques by 1965, when Scrooge McDuck tried to acquire the Penny owned by the Duckburg Museum of Ancient Stuff.

Gyro Gearloose, however, had invented a new time machine with which he had acquired a Battle of Petras Penny of his own — brand new. Scrooge convinced Gyro to take him back in time once more so as to allow the tycoon in spats to acquire his own Penny. However, the Duckburgers arrived slightly before the Battle, and unwittingly changed history, allowing the Superspy of Prince Petras to escape and thereby preventing the Battle from ever being fought. By the time they returned to Duckburg, time had been rewritten and a 100-Year Penny put out by Prince Petras to celebrate his city's 100th anniversary had replaced the Battle of Petras Penny in the casing at the Museum.

It is unclear if, due to its already temporally anomalous circumstances, Gyro's Battle of Petras Penny resisted the change; if so, this would make it the last Battle of Petras Penny in existence.

Behind the scenes

The Battle of Petras Pennies are the main macguffins of the 1965 comic story Battle of Petras.