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Batty is a non-anthropomorphic bat of unknown gender.


This smiling purple bat is the well-cared-for pet of the Hatbox Ghost in the Haunted Mansion.

Behind the scenes

Batty was more or less created as part of a plush toy set sold at the exclusive Memento Mori shop in Walt Disney World in August 2018, as reported by the Foolish Mortals official Instagram account.

Batty is inspired by the preexisting Attic Bats from the ride, and the popular fan notion that one or more of them acted as the Hatbox Ghost's pet(s). It is possible that Batty is indeed meant to be one of the Attic Bats, but it is unconfirmed; though Batty does not resemble them very much, this could just be due to the stylized appearance of the plush, considering the Hatbox Ghost plush does not quite look like the original either.