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The Beagle Babes, one of whom is called Beatrix Beagle, are a set of triplet dognose girls.


The trio usually known as the Beagle Babes are a set of identical triplets who are cousins to the three main Beagle Brats. Though they appear to be sweet and well-behaved to the point of caricature, the Babes are as violently mischievous as their male counterparts; indeed, they use their girlish charm for trickery above all else.

Behind the scenes

These Beagle Babes were only ever seen in the 1969 story The Beagle Babes. They are seemingly unrelated to the adult Beagle Babes who appeared twenty years later in The Good Muddahs, who were not triplets, and none of whom was called Beatrix; it is possible that, like "Beagle Brat", the term "Beagle Babes" can refer to any group of female Beagles, rather than being tied down to any one set of characters.