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The Beagle Boys are the 2017 Continuum's version of the main universe's characters of the same name.


The 2017 Continuum's Beagle Boys are much like the originals, a sprawling family of criminals whose many siblings often have a gimmick they are known by. They are separated into many groups, all of which are headed by their matriarch Ma Beagle, successor to Grandpappy Beagle. These groups include:

  • The Original Clasics: This group consists of Big Time Beagle, the shortest beagle and the self-proclaimed leader of the group, Burger Beagle, a tall, skinny beagle who never or almost never speaks, and Bouncer Beagle, the largest of the beagles. The beagles in this group are the direct children of Ma Beagle.
  • The Glam Yankees: The Glam Yankees are Beagle Boys modeled after colonial Yankees and rock musicians. One of them carries a musket.
  • The Deja Vus: The Deja Vus are French Beagle Boys. They are based on the French phrase “déjà vu”, reflected in their actions they perform getting repeated right after. The Deja Vus follow the model of the Original Classics in that they have one short member, one tall, skinny member, and one large member.
  • The Sixth Avenue Meanies: The Meanies are a trio of Beagle Boy thugs. Two of them look like generic thug types while the third appears to be a shady con-man type. The leader is named Bad Additude Beagle.
  • The Sixth Avenue Friendlies: The Friendlies are the polar opposites of the Meanies. They are very polite and always smile, but will still carry out criminal deeds. Ironically, they look the most like the main continuity's Beagle Boys. The leader is named Benevolent Beagle.
  • The Deja Vus: The Deja Vus are French Beagle Boys. They are based on the French phrase… wait, haven't we done this before?
  • The Longboard Taquitos: The Longboard Taquitos are daredevil beagles who act and speak like stereotypical "surfer dudes".
  • The Tumblebum Gang: The Tumblebums are evil clown beagles. One of them walks on stilts, one locomotes using somersaults, and one walks on all fours like a gorilla. They never speak, and communicate only through whistling.
  • The Ugly Failures: The Ugly Failures are the least succesful of the Beagles. They appear to be more disheveled counterparts of the Original Classics. They are named Botched Job, Bottle, and Bungle.

A number of individual Beagle Boys have also been introduced, including:

Behind the scenes

These Beagle Boys were first seen in 2017 in Daytrip of Doom.

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