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The “Beagle Brats“ refers to Beagle Boy children, and particularly to a set of triplets, all being young anthropomorphic dogs.


The trio usually known as the Beagle Brats are a set of identical hellions who are the nephews of the three main Duckburg Beagle Boys. The Beagle Brats are a handful even for their equally-immoral parents, who often shift their guardianships to said main trio — who, in turn, have no idea how to deal with them. The Brats seem to have a rivalry against the Junior Woodchucks, each seeing the others as their polar opposite.

Though the triplets 1, 2 and 3 are usually the ones referred to as the Beagle Brats, there is evidence that any children of Beagle Boys who follow the family traditions at an early age can be referred to as Beagle Brats.

Behind the scenes

The three main Beagle Brats were first seen in the 1965 story That Motherly Feeling.

A large group of Beagle Brats in its wider definition, including what appears to be at least one of the original triplets, can be seen in animation in the DuckTales episode Take Me Out of the Ballgame.

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