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Bean There, Done That is a comic story written by Carl Fallberg and drawn by Jack Bradbury. It features Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck.


Donald Duck is once again annoyed by Gladstone Gander's underserved, neverending luck. Hoping to get the better of him for once, Donald sabotages Gladstone's attempt at winning a "How many beans are there in this jar?" contest. Can Donald's cheating machinations finally defeat Gladstone's luck?

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in 1953 in Donald Duck #31. It was only reprinted in English in the Australian Donald Duck #2, Giant #216 and Donald Duck #180, as well as in the British World Distributors #6.

The story introduces the idea that Gladstone Gander likes rainy weather, which was referenced in the 2017 story Contrariwise.

The story was remade in 1977 under the title Double Luck, drawn by Beatriz Bolster. The story sticks fairly close to the plot of Bean There, Done That but skips the opening sequence, cutting straight to Donald and Gladstone contemplating the jar of beans.