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Beegul was an anthropomorphic dog.


The oldest known ancestor of the Beagle Boys, Beegul was a brutish, not very bright caveman, although he didn't seem to be outright villainous. Beegul envied Muk-duk's large supply of fish and, in exchange for his last few fish, Muk-duk traded him all of the water in the world (of which he was the owner at the time). Only after the deal was made did Beegul realize Muk-duk had fished all the fish out of the part of the ocean Beegul had access to, making the deed worthless to Beegul. Angrily, Beegul threw the deed into the ocean, forfeiting it.

Behind the scenes

Beegul appears in the 1975 story The Deep Sea Deed.