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The Beheaded Knight, sometimes known as Fred or Galahad, is the ghost of a male human.


One of the Happy Haunts of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, the German-accented Beheaded Knight is a skinny fellow with a rusty armor and a heck of a mustache, whose carries his severed head in his hand. Though he feels somewhat inadequate about his headlessness, this does not stop him from taking part on the singing ghost jamboree of the Mansion's graveyard, and he has long ago lost all ill-will for his Executioner, with whom he sings a duo. The Knight is an all-around very friendly fellow, with an adorably bashful crush on Madame Leota (who seems oblivious to his affections).


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Behind the scenes

The Beheaded Knight first appeared as a part of the Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland, which opened in 1969.

Strangely, in the non-canonical video game Kinect Disneyland Adventures and its spin-off cartoon short Haunted Mansion Cutscenes, Phineas displays the ability to shift into the appearance of the Knight, even though they are conspicuously different characters in the ride.

The Knight is not to be confused with the Knight of the Living Dead, the Ghost Knight, the Haunted Armor, Thorn's Knights, or the Black Prince, other ghost knights who can also be found in the Mansion.

In both Haunted Mansion Holiday and the 2003 video game, the Knight is given a British accent, whereas his original self has a German one. Similarly, the 2000's comics give him the first name of Fred (suggesting "Frederick" and a Germanic origin), whereas a contemporary non-narrative merchandise book, Build Your Own Haunted Mansion, identifies him as “Galahad” — one of the Knights of the Round Table. This latter identity would later be pushed away by Legend of the Caballeros introducing a different version of Galahad who is alive in the present day. 

Voice Actors

  • Eddie Newton (ride)