Benjamin Frankloon was an anthropomorphic loon in the 2017 Continuum and its counterpart to the original Benjamin Franklin.


Benjamin Frankloon was, presumably, an American Founding Father, scientist and inventor (among other things) like the Prime Universe's Benjamin Franklin. At any rate, he later described himself as American history's foremost meteorologist. In 2019, the timephoon accidentally caused by Louie Duck brought him to present day McDuck Manor, where he somehow ended up briefly hosting a weather forecast concerning the timephoon itself, which was cut short by Frankloon's paranoid misunderstandings of how TVs work. Louie eventually sent him back to his own time as part of his efforts to fix the course of time.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Benjamin Frankloon made his first physical appearance in Timephoon as a parody of the historical Benjamin Franklin. A version of Franklin also exists in the classic continuity, sans punny name.

Voice ActorsEdit

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