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Bernard is a male semi-anthropomorphic mouse.


Originally a mild-mannered janitor employed by the Rescue Aid Society at their headquarters, Bernard’s life changed forever the day he met Miss Bianca. Smitten with the beautiful Hungarian mouse, he urged the Rescue Aid Society Chairman not to allow her to embark on a dangerous mission to help a young girl named Penny. The Chairman decided that Miss Bianca should be accompanied by a co-agent, and she surprised Bernard by choosing him as her companion. Though naturally timid and superstitious, Bianca and the other society delegates coaxed him into accepting the task.

This adventure would prove to be the first of many Bernard shared with Bianca, with whom he fell deeply in love. Eventually he determined to propose to her, only for his plans to be delayed when they were charged with a mission to Australia. Bernard would be forced to contend not only with various dangers to their lives, but the efforts of a dashing rival for Bianca’s affections. However, he gallantry rose above his small stature to complete the mission, capping it by asking Bianca to marry him "before anything else happens", an offer she happily accepted.

Behind the scenes

Bernard was featured in the 1977 movie The Rescuers. He was based on the character of the same name from the 1959 novel that inspired the film.