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Bertram (called Gaetano in the original Italian) is a non-anthropomorphic ox belonging to Scrooge McDuck.


In 1962, Scrooge McDuck used this ox to plough through his money as part of his long-standing habit of playing in it in unlikely ways. Bertram, quite exhausted by the operation, seemed angry at his master because of it.

Behind the scenes

Bertram appeared in the 1962 story Uncle Scrooge and the Bodacious Butterfly Trail and in its 2016 sequel The Butterfly Tribe.

"Gaetano" was given the English name of Betram as part of a localisation running-gag where, starting with Uncle Scrooge #375, the name "Betram" was used as a go-to for inconsequential background names, such as fast-food chains.

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