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Bertram is an anthropomorphic dog.


Bertram is a somewhat snobbish man from Mouseton. On Christmas Eve 2011, he and his equally-snobbish wife were dining at the most exclusive and expensive restaurant in the city, Chez Prez when said wife remarked how rude another guest (Peg-Leg Pete, spending his latest ill-gotten gains) seemed. Bertram agreed with her sentiment.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bertram briefly appears in the 2011 story Mickey Mouse and the Coat of Christmas Magic!.

He is part of the "Bertram gag", an in-joke of the original four IDW localizators wherein they would sneak in the name "Bertram" in a variety of contrasts. For example, the name was thus allocated to an ox belonging to Scrooge McDuck, seen in The Bodacious Butterfly Trail.

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