Better Haunts & Graveyards, also known as April-December's Better Haunts & Graveyards, is a fanmade website concerning the Haunted Mansion.


One of the oldest surviving Haunted Mansion webpages, Better Haunts & Graveyards is a multifacet website purporting to be from the pen of Miss April-December herself. It contains architectural details for the Haunted Mansion and its Graveyards, as well as a written rendition of the storyline of the Haunted Mansion Holidays overlay and a page entitled "Our Story" which details Kali Pappas's idea of the backstory of the Changing Portraits (inspired by, but distinct from, the Ghost Gallery versions of events). The 'contact' page links to the 'about' page of Pappas's main website,

Behind the scenesEdit

Better Haunts & Graveyards is hosted on its own web adress,

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