The ’Bicorn Duck‘ was a male anthropomorphic duck who now appears to be a ghost.


A portrait of this bearded, middle-aged duck, wearing an impressive bicorn hat, hangs in Scrooge McDuck's office in his Money Bin. Apparently haunted by the man's ghost, the portrait frequently changes expression in reaction to the goings-on of the office, though none of its occupants ever seem to notice.


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Behind the scenesEdit

The Bicorn Duck's portrait is a regular background feature of Scrooge McDuck's office in Don Rosa's stories. The earliest recorded use of it is His Majesty, McDuck.

Some believe that the Bearded Duck, another recurring portrait in Don Rosa's stories, is the same character as the Bicorn Duck, pictured without his iconic hat. However, the Bearded Duck portraits never display the same agency as the Bicorn Duck.

Considering his resemblance to the likes of Jake McDuck, and the fact that Scrooge owns a portrait of him, it has been speculated that the Bicorn Duck may be a member of the clan McDuck.

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