The "Big Sneezer" is a female non-sapient (although somewhat anthropomorphic) dragon.


The "Big Sneezer", as she was nicknamed by the Duck family, inhabited an island which was also home to a fountain of youth on one side and old man potatoes on the other. The Big Sneezer made her home in the only pass to the other side of the island. She used to only stay for nesting periods, and then move on, allowing those living on one side of the island to get to the other. An equal balance of both of the magical substances allowed them to live forever. However, one year the dragon developed a cold and stayed on the island, and the people on either side of the island were no more. An unknown amount of time later, the Duck family came to the island to save Professor Phineas McGuffin and managed to cure the Big Sneezer's cold using Donald Duck's cold medication, causing the dragon to leave the island. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Big Sneezer was first seen in Freddy Milton's The Big Sneeze, which had a complicated publication history (see the story's page for more info), first published in any form in 1976.

Years later, when the plotline of The Big Sneeze was reworked by Freddy Milton as a Gnuff Family story, the Big Sneezer was given the name of "Gargantua", made green and four-legged, and established to be female. As Milton gave no indication otherwise, it is likely he intended for the original Big Sneezer to likewise be female.

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