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The ‘Bing! You're Hypnotized’ Wand is a magic wand enchanted with a particular memory curse.


The “Bing! You're Hypnotized” wand was acquired by Magica De Spell at the Sorcerers' Bazaar in Cairo in the early 1960's; she got it for cheap due to the fact that no other sorcerer before her had thought of a practical use for its specific curse, which makes whoever is zapped with the wand forget what is said to them right after their own name. The effect, of course, only lasts for 24 hours. Magica tried to use it to steal Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime, only for Scrooge and Donald to manage to wrangle the wand away from her, zapping her with it so as to make her forget (for a time) that she even wanted the Dime.

Behind the scenes

The ‘Bing! You're Hypnotized’ Wand is at the center of the 2002 Don Rosa story Forget It!.