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Baby Years (1920-1925)Edit

Donald hatches

Donald Duck hatching.

Donald Fauntleroy[1] Duck, an anthropomorphic duck, was born in 1920[2][3] to Quackmore Duck and Hortense McDuck[4]. He was one of a pair of twins, born alongside his sister, Della. It would seem that his egg was laid on March 13 of that year[5], while he hatched from said egg on June 9.[6][7]

Years later, in an exaggerated retelling of his own life, Donald would indicate that his egg hatched after it fell out of a nest in a tree, and that he was then found by his Grandma Duck and uncle, Scrooge McDuck, who brought him to Grandma Duck's Farm.[8] A photo found for an episode of This is Your Life, however, showed Donald's egg as hatching in a hay-filled bassinet, contradicting Donald's "egg in a tree" narrative,[9] though most sources agree Donald spent much, if not all, of his childhood on Elvira Duck's Farm in Quacktown.[10][11][8]

He hatched while throwing a temper tantrum[9][12], thus showing signs of a short temper and a hot head even at a young age. His and his sister's births were announced in an edition of Duckburg Times as his mother was notable for being the younger sister of famous businessman, Scrooge McDuck.[3]

During his baby years, he spent some time with other babies such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pete, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar, Gyro Gearloose and Pluto as well as two of his relatives, his distant cousin, Gus Goose, and his first cousin, Gladstone Gander, often frequenting the same nurseries as them. [13]

As a baby and toddler, Donald was often babysat by Grandma Duck , leaving her to deal with his perfectionism and temper tantrums. He developed a nasty habit of banging his head on the floor whilst in the midst of a tantrum. This eventually lead to him receiving a blue sailor's cap during a trip to Duckburg's harbor, which marked the end of his head-banging.[10] He would continue to wear this hat and hats similar to it for years to come.
Donald Duck 001

Donald snatches a sailor's hat for himself.

At some point, Grandma made him a Fauntleroy-style suit out of old clothes.[8] Perhaps it was because of his sailor's cap and suit which resembled a sailor's clothes that Donald, at an early age, began to dream of becoming a sailor, while Della dreamed of becoming a pilot.[14]

Childhood (1925-1934)Edit

As a child, Donald met his younger cousin, Fethry Duck, while visiting Grandma’s house. The two would become friends for some time and eventually attended school together. Goofy, Mickey, Gyro, Gladstone, Rita Gansa, and Jughead Jones were also among the attendees at said school.[15]

Donald would be reunited with Daisy around this time after he crashed into her while she was pushing a baby doll in a stroller. It appears, however, that the two did not yet begin to form a friendship or even much of an acquaintance.[16]

At some point around this time, Donald began to form a heated rivalry with Gladstone, who was blessed with good luck. One day, after besting Donald in a soccer game, Gladstone met and received the telephone number of Daisy, who it appears he did not remember from his baby days. That day, Donald determined to find Gladstone's good luck charm and receive good fortune for himself. He stole a rabbit's foot from Gladstone's toy chest and called Daisy's number, scheduling for the two to have a date at a local ice cream parlor. Unfortunately for Donald, the rabbit's foot was nothing more than a mere key chain, and the number he called was actually Daisy's in reverse, the number of a different girl who Donald was not too keen on dating.[17] This event would be one of the first of many times that Donald and Gladstone would rival for the affections of Daisy.

Despite not having gone on the date with Daisy he wanted to, it would appear that the two became friends or, at the very least, acquaintances, as he, along with Della, Gyro, Gus, and Gladstone, would attend one of her birthday parties.[18]

Among other spats between Donald and his lucky cousin were the time that both ran for class president[19], and the time that Donald hoisted Gladstone by a rope on his birthday, planning to throw rotten eggs at him, only to be electrocuted.[20]

At some point in this era, Donald and Fethry both joined the Junior Woodchucks. However, their time there did not last long. While trying to earn their first badge,
Fethry and Donald as JW's
the two got into a fight with Jughead Jones, who was also a member of the scouting troop, after the latter tricked the Duck cousins into believing that some mythical beast was roaming through the woods. The fight lead to a fire. When they were confronted by a Junior Woodchucks chief about the incident, they were accused of lying, causing the two to be banished from the Junior Woodchucks. Jughead got off the hook, however, as he fled shortly after the fight began.[15] It seems, however, that some Junior Woodchucks believed that Donald was no longer a Woodchuck because of his temper and not because of lying.[21]

Due to being forced out of the Junior Woodchucks, Donald instead joined the Little Booneheads, a similar, albeit much less professional, scouting organization.[22]

In either 1930[23] or 1932[24], Donald and Della, who were now either ten or twelve,
Young Donald kicking Scrooge

Donald kicking his uncle, Scrooge.

were introduced to their uncle, Scrooge McDuck, at his Money Bin, as he had just returned to Duckburg after a business trip that lead him across the globe. The two, as well as their parents, their Aunt Matilda, Emily Quackfaster (Scrooge's secretary), as well as other Money Bin employees, threw a surprise party to welcome the tycoon home. Sadly, Donald's first moments with Uncle Scrooge did not last long, as the greedy businessman got into a heated argument with Hortense, causing the Duck family to storm out of the Money Bin, though not before Donald kicked his uncle's rear.[25]

Even though their meeting was brief, Scrooge and Donald would still remember each other. At one point, Scrooge visited the Ducks' home searching for Hortense. He did not find her, as she was not at home at the time. Instead, he spoke with Donald and Della, giving them a quick lesson in how to make money as he lead the two in an effort to sell hot water bottles to people in line at the local movie theater.[26]

His parents progressively disappear from the records at this point, though opinions are split as to what had happened to them; it may be that they were merely so busy with work that they left most of Donald's upbringing up to Elvira, even if an early death for at least one of them does seem likely.

While living on the farm with Grandma, Donald would subsequently spend much more time with his uncle, as Elvira, unlike her children, remained at the very least on speaking terms with him. Scrooge even gifted the younger with a set of drums,[27] following an occasion where Elvira was forced to leave Donald in Scrooge's care for a day — a rather momentous day, as it also led to Scrooge hiring Albert Quackmore. [28]

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