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This is the page for the biography of Hortense McDuck, Donald Duck's mother as can be reconstituted from as many sources as can be reconciled.

Biography Edit

Childhood (1876-1885) Edit

Hortense McDuck was born in 1876 in Glasgow, Scotland. She was the daughter of Fergus "Old Scotty" McDuck and Downy O'Drake. She had two siblings, both older, Scrooge and Matilda McDuck. Hortense had a very big temper, like her son, Donald.

Young Hortense McDuck

Hortense in 1880

In 1880, Scrooge left Scotland, and went to Mississippi to help their uncle, Pothole McDuck. Hortense was still home in Glasgow, with the McDucks. In five years, Scrooge was traveling around the world. First in Mississippi (1880-1882), then to the Badlands (1882), later to Java (1883), and to Montana in 1884. But in 1885, Scrooge had to go home to help the clan save their ancestral castle. Scrooge saved the castle and Hortense went crazy on the Whiskervilles. After Scrooge had saved their home, the McDucks moved in to the castle. But Scrooge left again, now to Africa.

The New Laird of Castle McDuck panels

Four panels from Don Rosa's story, The New Laird of Castle McDuck

Hortense just lived a normal life with her family in the castle. In 22 years, Scrooge traveled around the world again, while the family just were in the castle. In 1897, Downy died, 57 years old. Scrooge was bullied about it when he was in the Klondike. Finally, in 1902, Scrooge came home to his sisters and Fergus. He took Matilda and Hortense to America, but Fergus died. 

Moving to AmericaEdit

Hortense and Matilda went with Scrooge to America; Scrooge had bought some land in Duckburg. On the land Scrooge had bought, there was Fort Duckburg. The Junior Woodchucks had their clubhouse there, but Scrooge threw them out. The scouts hadn't another clubhouse, and didn't even know if Scrooge was good, or not. So they telegraphed the president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. He come with his Rough Riders and attacked the fort. But when Scrooge and Theodore looked at each other, they saw they had met before. Hortense met her love, Quackmore Duck, who lived on a farm, not far from Duckburg.

Hortense McDuck Quackmore Duck meeting by Don Rosa

Hortense met her love, Quackmore Duck

Six months later, Scrooge had built his Money Bin. Hortense and Matilda worked in the Money Bin, while Scrooge went on adventures to find treasures all around the world. But, in 1906, when Scrooge's sisters had worked for 4 years in the Money Bin, they went with Scrooge on his travels. First to Panama, and then to Africa. But in Africa, Scrooge became too dishonest and burned down valleys, because the inhabitants, wouldn't sell their plantations. The sisters couldn't forgive that, so they come home to the bin. Scrooge just carried on traveling, and after 17 years, in 1930, he finally came home. In all that time, Hortense and Matilda were working in the Money Bin. All his family was waiting for him. Hortense had with Quackmore two twins, Donald and Della. But when Scrooge just ignored the party and the family, Hortense swore she would never see him again. We don't know what happened to Hortense after that, but Matilda later take a job on the Castle McDuck.
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