Black Dog was a human man.


An 18th century pirate, Black Dog served under Captain Flint, and, later, under his former quartermaster Captain Silver, gaining sinister scars on his face as a result of his dangerous and illegal occupation. Black Dog served as a close lieutenant for Silver, who was rarely far behind when Black Dog was around, a fact William Bones came to know well when he was being hunted down by Silver for the map to Treasure Island.

Black Dog eventually found evidence that Bones was staying at the Benbow Inn, and was the one to alert Blind Pew to come and deliver the Black Spot to Bones. However, Black Dog did not take part in the later journey to Treasure Island, as Jim Hawkins knew him to be a pirate and thus Silver was forced to instead have his other men chase him out of town, so as to "prove" his "honesty".

Behind the scenesEdit

Black Dog appeared in the 1950 film Treasure Island and a few other Disney adaptations and parodies of the Treasure Island story.

In the original novel, Black Dog did not have a scar across his face, but instead had two fingers missing from his left hand.

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