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The Black Forest, also known as the Enchanted Forest or simply the Forest, is a forest that surrounds Duckburg.


Map depicting the Black Forest in relation to Mount Demontooth and other landmarks.

The Black Forest appears at first glance as a reasonably plausible forest and is as such a prized picnic location for Duckburgers and Mousetonians. On conventional maps, it is depicted as existing on the edge of the city, "up" from Donald Duck's House[1] and past Mount Demontooth[2], and it is a popular destination for Junior Woodchuck expeditions.

However, as one will soon find should one wander deep enough, the Forest is larger on the inside than the geography of Calisota could possibly allow. It is home to unusually intelligent non-anthropomorphic animals[3] as well as to unusually uncivilized anthropomorphic ones, who live in a sort of settlement. Many of those are known in the civilized world as fairy-tale characters, such as Brer Rabbit[4] and the Three Little Pigs.[5]

Deeper yet in the forest are hidden, temporally-displaced fairy-tale kingdoms. These include (by all accounts) the Kingdom of Snow White, with Snow White running away from the castle and into the Forest to find the Seven Dwarfs' Cottage, also possible to reach starting from the Duckburg end of the Black Forest.[6] The “Peaceful Valley” containing the Kingdom of Cinderella can also only be accessed from the American ends by passing through the heart of the Black Forest.[7]

Behind the scenes

The Forest has been a recurring location since at least Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). The conflation of various fairy-tale forests as time went on into one all-encompassing magical forest was confirmed in 1951 in Peaceful Valley as the mechanic by which characters from Disney fairy-tale feature films like Cinderella could interact with the present-day Duckburg cast with no time travel involved.

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