The Black Forest, also known as the Enchanted Forest or simply the Forest, is a forest that surrounds Duckburg.


The Black Forest may appear like a reasonably plausible forest at first glance, and is as such a prized picnic location for Duckburgers and Mousetonians; however, as one will soon find should one wander deep enough, the Forest is larger on the inside than the geography of Calisota could possibly allow. It is home to unusually intelligent non-anthropomorphic animals as well as to unusually uncivilized anthropomorphic ones, who live in a sort of settlement. Deeper yet in the forest is the small, temporally-displaced Kingdom of Snow White, with the Seven Dwarfs' Cottage in-between. The Forest is seemingly accessible through getting lost in other forests all over the world, and the settlement inhabited Brer Rabbit and company is just as easily found from Calisota as it is from the Deep South.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Forest has been a recurring location since at least Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

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