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Blackheart Beagle, also known as Grandpa Beagle or Pappy, is the grandfather of the current Beagle Boys.


Eventually pardoned for good and kicked out of jail, Blackheart, also known as Grandpa Beagle, is the worldwide leader of the Beagle Boys. Much cleverer than most other Beagles, Blackheart is a brain, who always cooks up plans for his grandsons to execute.


Blackheart Beagle started his career of misdeeds and dishonestly as a pirate captain on the Mississippi; his beloved boat was known as the River Witch. He had a history of ransoming and plundering merchandise boat on the large river, and served as the archenemy of Pothole McDuck. However, when Pothole's young nephew Scrooge joined forces with his uncle, Blackheart and his sons (whom he used as his crew) had met their match and were finally arrested after having succeeded in blowing up Scrooge's own boat, the Dilly Dollar. Swearing revenge on the scottish duck, Blackheart served his sentence and moved to Calisota with his sons and his wife, ruling the place by fear and making a decent loot out of what he could steal from the local hillibillies. Bad luck was apparently after him, as the place where Scrooge McDuck, now one of the World's largest fortunes (ans soon to be the largest), happened to be precisely the unknown corner of Calisota that Blackheart had elected as his territory. He was arrested again, and when he was released, the rural area he loved to terrorized had turned, thanks to Scrooge's financial impulse, into a San Francisco-esque metropolis in which he didn't really belong anymore. 

Behind the scenes

He first appeared in 1957 in The Fantastic River Race.