The Blackjack Saloon, also known as the Blackjack Ballroom or simply the Dawson Dancing Saloon, is a saloon located in Dawson, Klondike.


The Blackjack Ballroom, better known as the Blackjack Saloon, was a saloon and dancing hall located in DawsonKlondike. The Blackjack was owned by "Glittering" Goldie O'Gilt, who was also the star performer. Goldie and the other dancers lived in small apartments located on the saloon's second floor. In 1898, the saloon burned down. Glittering Goldie managed to muster enough money to rebuild it, but between the needed expense, giving up her dishonest ways to earn quick cash (due to the love of her life opening her eyes on the matter), and the Gold Rush's end significantly cutting her clienthood down, the saloon stopped being profitable and had to be closed down. In 1953 however, thanks to Scrooge giving Goldie some gold to come clean with her, as he could not bear the idea of her living in poverty, she restarted it and made into a hotel.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Blackjack Saloon was first seen in 1953 in Back to the Klondike.

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