The Blacksmith is an anthropomorphic horse.


Possibly some sort of relative or counterpart of Horace Horsecollar, this talented blacksmith lives in the Land of Illusion, in his towering castle. After the Horned King stole the Magic Crystal, bringing misery onto the land, the dark magic he left behind corrupted the Blacksmith's castle; flames from the furnace came to life, a dragon settled in the castle, and the Blacksmith himself became as a ghost — invisible and trapped within the castle. Fortunately, in 1993, Mickey Mouse managed to defeat the dragon and break the curse, freeing the Blacksmith. In thanks, he gave him helpful information on what he would need on his journey to retrieve the Crystal from the Phantom's Castle.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character first appeared in 1993 in the video game Land of Illusion.

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