The Blob, also known as Mister Blob, is an enormous blob-like monster with vaguely reptilian features.

Description Edit

The Blob is an enormous, red, vaguely reptilian monster. In 2004, he checked in to the Hotel Transylvania, only to find that, due to his extreme height, he could not use his room's bathtub, which he needed to do to take his daily bubble bath. Calling concierge Donald Duck, he explained his predicament, and Donald quickly solved the problem by building a wall across the bathroom door, protecting the walls with waterproof plastic sheeting, and flooding the room, allowing the Blob to take his bubble bath with the entire bathroom as his bathtub.

Unfortunately, the floor leaked, and the water - Blob and all - crashed down into the hotel lobby, causing the manager to fire Donald. The Blob told him that he was making a mistake, and that Donald was the best concierge on the planet, a fact with which the other guests agreed, earning Donald his job back.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Blob first appeared in 2004 in Hotel Transylvania.

Though nominally based on the antagonist of a famous 1958 horror film also named The Blob, the Disney comics Blob shares few similarities with the amorphous, mindless creature of the movie, and he is more likely based on the concept of blob-monsters in general.

Like many monsters who stayed at (or worked for) theĀ Hotel Transylvania, it is possible the Blob originally came from the X-Dimension, rather than being native to Earth.

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