• Drleevezan

    The Second Annual Wiki Awards Ceremony has now concluded, and the winners have been decided!

    • Best Member- Drleevezan and TheMidgetMoose
    • Best New Member - Bearmanyay
    • Best Ambassador - SoupicDuck 14
    • Best Administrator - Scrooge MacDuck
    • Best Idea - Picsou5606, for coming up with the Don Rosa Project
    • Wiki Helper - Amelia Lonelyheart, for creating two very helpful templates, as well as creating many needed pages about locations and real-life people.

    In addition to these, the 2020 Administrator's Award has been awarded to Ducktor Who, for extensive copyediting on a great many pages.

    Congratulations to all of the winners! They have been listed on the main Scrooge McDuck Wiki Awards page, and will each recieve a template declaring them the winner of the a…

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  • TheMidgetMoose

    Don't forget that the voting period for the Second Annual Scrooge McDuck Wiki Awards will be ending very soon. I believe the voting period is currently to set to end on July 26, 2020, if I'm not mistaken. Cast your ballots either here or on on the # wiki-awards channel on the Scrooge McDuck Wiki Discord server. Only five ballots have been cast so far this year. I want to make sure that everyone who wants to knows about and has their chance to participate in this fun event. Read more about the awards here and here.

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  • Drleevezan

    The 2020 Wiki Awards

    July 10, 2020 by Drleevezan

    The staff of the Scrooge McDuck Wiki hereby announces the commencement of the annual Scrooge McDuck Wiki Awards!

    As always, users of the wiki can vote for another user of their choice in each of the award categories. The user with the most votes in a category will be named the winner of the award and given a template which they may add to their user page. They will also be listed as the winner of the award on the award ceremony page .

    To view the award categories and rules, visit the main Wiki Awards page, here.

    Votes can be cast on the Scrooge McDuck Wiki Discord server ( in the Wiki Awards channel, or in the comments of this message:

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  • Bearmanyay

    DuckTales episode

    May 17, 2020 by Bearmanyay

    This is an idea for a DuckTales episode. It is unofficial work. But I hope you enjoy it!

    [Episode begins in McDuck Manor. Scrooge and the family is going on a long trip.]

    Huey Are everybody ready? The checklist is completed and we are about to go. Uncle Donald, come!
    [Donald is coming with a very big bag down the stairs, and it seems hard]
    [Scrooge, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Della and Huey are in the car]
    Scrooge  Why do we always have to wait for you, Donald, come NOW!
    Webby Why isn't granny and Launchpad going with us?
    Scrooge Because someone have to be in the mansion and also we can't use the Sunchaser-
    Della The Cloudslayer!

    Yeah, we can't use the Cloudslayer to fly where we are going!

    [Donald finally come to the car with the bags and go in t…

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  • Picsou5606

    The reunion

    Story avaible 04/27/2020

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  • Picsou5606

    Goldie's Letter

    Story avaible 04/26/2020

    The outcome

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  • Picsou5606

    Followinf of Casey Coot's Letter

    "My dear Scrooge,

     This month passed alongside you in the "white death Creek" was wonderful. You thought me how a prospector lived every day. Even if I tried to rip you off (riping off people is something that runs in my blood) you managed to give me the taste of honest work. So you managed to make me forget about scamming people, which I did daily.

     I understood at which point you held me dear when I saw that your most precious object was a strand of my hair. By that, I understood that I loved and cared for you.

    I need to admit Scrooge, I'm pregnant from you. I'd understand if you didn't want the child. And if you don't come back to talk to me, I'd understand you'd still love me.

     Know that you'll stay the one …

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  • Picsou5606

    Follwing of Soon the hour of truth?

    Scrooge made himself comfortable in his office chair, took his letter opener and opened the letter that Miss Quackfaster told him to read first. He read at the top right :


     "Casey Coot January 1919, Donaldville"


     Scrooge said to himself:"A letter from Casey, what could he want?" He continued to read:


    "My dear friend, Scrooge McDuck,

    When you're reading this letter, I will be probably long gone. I don't know who gave you this letter, but he found the logbook that I held while the gold rush in Klondike..."


    Scrooge told himself:" I don't know where he's going with this, but I'll probably discover it along my reading." He continued:


    "Do you remember that month of January 1898. The day after the big fire and yo…

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  • Picsou5606

    Following of What will I do?

    After much thought, he said to himself:" We need to know the truth, we need Uncle Scrooge to know. He needs to know that this letter isn't lost. I'm going to have the courage that Casey didn't.". Donald followed the instructions given by Casey, found the letter that he wrote for Scrooge, took the picture book for his grandmother and got out of the attic. He layed the photo album on a table and he ran into his grandmother on his way out, she was fresh out of the garden with a basket full of vegetables. His grandmother asked him:" Did you find what you wanted? And my photo album?"

     -"Here you go grandma, your photo album. I'm gonna go see Uncle Scrooge, I found something about him in your attic. I'll explain later,…

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  • Picsou5606

    Following of The Discovery 

    Donald was shook that his granduncle knew something about Uncle Scrooge. He continued to read the journal.

    "1899 This is it, the end of my trip to Yukon. I sold Mr.Scrooge the act of property for the hill where my Grandfather built the Donaldsonville Fort. While I'm still on the subject of Mr.Scrooge, I didn't have the strength to show him the letter, I am embarrassed by this situation.

    January 1919: If anyone finds this notebook, please deliver to Mr.Scrooge the letter from Goldie. Please have the courage that I didn't have. In the back cover of this notebook, that I took care to sew back, there is a letter to Mr.Scrooge that explains everything."

    The logbook ended here. Donald was asking himself a lot of questions…

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  • Picsou5606

    Following of The beginning

    -"Alright grandma, see you later" said Donald, going towards the cellar.

    Donald got up to the cellar and decided to go look for the photo album for his grandmother because he might forget about it later. He was stunned by what he saw. He said to himself:"Woah! Clinton Coot's portrait, and here are some toys I played with when I was young. According to grandma this headband belonged to Pintail Duck, one of our oldest ancestors, a pirate. Oh! Della's private journal.... If would be best that the kids don't find it". In the pile of photo albums, he found the one his grandmother was talking about, and, when opening the bag, he found a small leather notebook

    He took this notebook and on the first page was written


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  • Picsou5606

    Donald accepted his nephews offer, which was to do a garage sale. Donald wasn't happy at the idea because he knew it was going to be a day full of boredom. But the garage sale was organized by the Junior Woodchucks, it was his duty to hold a stand with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. He decided to go to grandmother Donald's house to see if she had any interesting objects that he could sell, because, after hours of searching in his attic, this duck had managed to only get rid of an old, simple lamp that barely worked. He held dear numerous objects which were, in reality, useless, but that surely has a sentimental value.

    After half an hour of road, in his old car which travelled through the vast plains of America, holding through all of these years, …

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  • Drleevezan

    The Don Rosa Project

    April 15, 2020 by Drleevezan

    Although the Scrooge McDuck Wiki is the largest English encyclopedia of the Duck universe, there are still areas in which we are lacking. Thus, from this point forward, we will be starting a project system. New projects will be created when a significant lack in the Wiki's coverage is noted, and everyone will be welcome to participate in helping to remedy the lack.

    One of these lacking areas is our coverage of Don Rosa's work. Therefore, we hereby announce the Don Rosa Project. It would be beneficial to the Wiki to create pages on every one of Don Rosa's stories, as his stories are very popular and pages about them are likely to be sought out on the internet. With this project, we aim to create a page about each Rosa story, and fill out eac…

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  • Bearmanyay

    What do you really think about The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck?

    The Life and Times of Scrooge is a biography of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa. It has twelve "main"chapters and eight side chapters. Here's a list:

    • Of Ducks and Dimes and Destinies (0)
    • The Last of the Clan McDuck (1)
    • The Master of the Mississippi (2)
    • The Buckaroo of the Badlands (3)
    • The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark (3b)
    • The Raider of The Copper Hill (4)
    • The New Laird of Castle McDuck (5)
    • The Terror of The Transvaal (6)
    • The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff (6b)
    • The Dreamtime Duck Of The Never Never (7)
    • The King of The Klondike (8)
    • The Prisoner of White Agony Creek (8b)
    • Hearts of The Yukon (8c)
    • Last Sled to Dawson (8d)
    • The Billionaire of Dismal Downs (9)
    • The Invader of Fort Duckburg (10)
    • The Empire-Bui…
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  • Bearmanyay


    April 2, 2020 by Bearmanyay


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  • Lanphoi88

    Goyang Prediksi

    March 8, 2020 by Lanphoi88

    Kumusta lahat, ako si Lawrence. Hindi ko alam kung ano dapat kong ilagay dito. Tidak ada foto yang tersedia untuk digunakan di situs ini, yang dapat digunakan untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang Don Henley. Ako ay bilingual di nagsasalita din Koreano din. Nais ko talagang mayroong maraming oras sa isang araw upang makuha ko ang lais ng nais kong gawin. Ako WEBISTE: Goyang Prediksi

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  • ScroogeMcDuck1867


    January 12, 2020 by ScroogeMcDuck1867

    This page is dedicated to preserving the history of Scrooge.

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  • Drleevezan

    After it was brought to my attention that the commercials Disney Villains Celebrate Halloween at Disney Parks! and Disneyland's 50th - Parks share the same live-action scene in the Tower of Terror, with only the animated characters on the Tower's elevator changed, I managed to uncover many more commercials which also re-use this same footage. The re-used footage consists of: a shot of the elevator doors opening and the characters boarding, a shot of a bellhop pushing a lever, a shot from underneath the elevator as it either drops or ascends, a shot of the outside of the tower through rusted gates, and a shot of the inside of the elevator after it has dropped, with those inside (or their possesions) stuck to the ceiling.

    I have compiled a vid…

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  • Drleevezan

    The First Annual Wiki Awards Ceremony has now concluded, and the winners have been decided!

    • Best Member- Drleevezan
    • Best New Member - TheMidgetMoose
    • Best Ambassador - Esteban02
    • Best Administrator - Scrooge MacDuck
    • Best Idea - Drleevezan
    • Wiki Helper - KOMΙΞ

    In addition to these, the 2019 Administrator's Award has been awarded to "Ducktor Who", for adding a link to the Anthropomorphic Duck page to every page about an anthropomorphic duck.

    The individual votes for each award can be viewed here: Votes for the Wiki Awards.

    Congratulations to all of the winners! They have been listed on the main Scrooge McDuck Wiki Awards page, and will each recieve a template declaring them the winner of the award, which they may place on their user page.

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  • Drleevezan

    The Wiki Awards

    July 4, 2019 by Drleevezan

    The staff of the Scrooge McDuck Wiki would like to announce a new award ceremony, to be dubbed the Wiki Awards, and to be held annually during the month of July. Inspired by the Picsou Wiki's annual "Oscars" award ceremony, users of the wiki can vote for another user of their choice in each of the award categories. The user with the most votes in a category will be named the winner of the award and given a template which they may add to their user page. They will also be listed as the winner of the award on the award ceremony page.

    To view the award categories and rules, visit the main Wiki Awards page, here.

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  • Drleevezan

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  • Drleevezan

    We've implemented the Virtual Reality 4-D feature into just this image so far - click the image to try it out!

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  • Drleevezan

    The $crooge McDuck Wiki has an important announcement (which in no way relates to any hypothetical holidays falling on this date, whatever those may be)! Starting today, we will be unveiling an immersive "Virtual Reality" mode, which will allow users of the Wiki to view all article images in experimental 4-D. This feature is not fully ready for public release, but it can be tested now! Just click the link below:

    Test Virtual Reality 4-D Image Display

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  • Frosty65

    Ludwig Von Drake family tree Frosty65 INTRODUCTION: Controversy surrounds Ludwig's relationship with the Duck family. DESCRIPTION: Ludwick Von Drake is the half brother to Quackmore Duck, who is Donald Duck's father. Donald's grandmother, Elvira, was briefly married to Beak Drake, of Vienna Austria, birthing Ludwig before divorcing Beak and moving back to Duckburg. Ludwig was raised by his father, who was a university professor in Austria. BEHIND THE SCENES: One article claims Von Drake is Donald's uncle on the paternal side. Another article claims he's an uncle by marrying Scrooge MacDuck's sister. This should give clarity to his relationship with Donald Duck

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  • Frosty65

    St. Canard

    December 9, 2018 by Frosty65

    St. Cananrd Frosty65 Sr. Canard is the major city of Birddog County, on an island across the river from Duckburg in the state of Calisota, DESCRIPTION: A city alive with criminal activity and a various assortment of different kinds of criminals, both in types of crimes and in physical characteristics that benefit their notorious activities. Most of the citizens, however, are anthropomorphic canines and aves. BEHIND THE SCENES: This type of setting appeals mostly to those that seek action packed and surreal comics with low key comedy.

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  • Frosty65

    Vounties of Calisota

    December 9, 2018 by Frosty65

    COUNTIES OF CALISOTA Frosty65 INTRODUCTION: COUNTIES OF CALISOTA: Calisota is a state within the United States and occupies what was once the very northwestern part of California. It's western border touches the Pacific Ocean. DESCRIPTION:: Webfoot County, which occupies the southern section of Calisota, has two cities. Duckburg, which is the largest of the cities, lies near the northern border of the county, while the smaller city of New Quackmore, lies about five miles to the south of Duckburg's most southern edge. Both cities have access to the Pacific Ocean. Living within both cities are anthropomorphic aves (ducks, geese, etc), which represent over 50% of the population, humans, which represent approximately a quarter of the populati…

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  • Frosty65


    December 9, 2018 by Frosty65

    Goosetown Frosty65 GOOSETOWN: Goosetown is a now a small town located five mile south of Duckburg and six miles east of New Quackmore. DESCRIPTION: A century ago, Goosetown was a rival to Duckburg and was approximately the same size. Over the decades, due to the business and tourist development of both Duckburg and New Quackmore, most of the population has moved, leaving the town to the size of a few streets populated almost exclusively by anthropomorphic geese. Only one road is maintained between it and the two nearest cities. Located in the county of Webfoot, it is hardly mentioned or visited except as a bypass road to the nearby cities. BEHIND THE SCENES: In the various Duckburg Tales, the town has lost importance to the editors and i…

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  • Drleevezan

    Wiki Merging

    November 12, 2018 by Drleevezan

    A notice to all users of the Scrooge McDuck Wiki:

    We are currently in the process of merging several smaller niched wikis about the Duckverse into the Scrooge McDuck Wiki. Because of this, you may notice a higher-than-usual amount of pages which are not up to the Wiki's usual standards, or do not follow the usual layout. These are pages from the merged wikis, and will all be fixed or, in some cases, deleted or redirected to other pages, in due time.

    Below is a list of the wikis involved in this project:

    • Duckburg Wiki (formerly at
    • Walt Disney Comics Wiki (formerly at
    • Disneypedia Wiki (formerly at
    • Legend of the Three Caballeros Wiki (formerly at legend-of-the-three-caballeros…

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  • Scrooge MacDuck


    July 10, 2018 by Scrooge MacDuck

    This page is to be used for long-term pages which may or may not eventually be launched as true pages. 

    counterpart is a person's equivalent in a parallel universe.

    Counterparts tend to share a number of traits with other counterparts of the same person, even if they are not simply a divergent path a copy of the same person could have taken, but an inhabitant of a radically different world whose biography can only bear similarities to the original. If they do not share names across universes, counterparts will at least bear similar ones; the same goes for careers and family life. 

    There have been numerous cases where an individual was a counterpart of what were two different people in another universe (such as with the Darkwing Doctor, simu…

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  • Drleevezan

    General Notice for Scrooge McDuck Wiki for the week of 10-04-18:

    The wiki's admin, Scrooge MacDuck, will be gone until this Sunday. If anyone has any questions about the wiki until then, I will be glad to answer them.


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  • Scrooge MacDuck

    The AU Adventure

    August 31, 2016 by Scrooge MacDuck

    Story written collaboratively on the Disney Comics Forum The Feathery Society.

    Authors include: Scrooge MacDuck, whatever, Deb, jubalpomp, Orora

    It was a seemingly nice evening and Scrooge was swimming in his money. In a few minutes, Gyro Gearloose was due to come present his new invention to him, but for the moment, he just enjoyed a nice moment of leisure. Then up on the roof, there arose such a clatter, that Scrooge sprung from his money bin to see what the matter was. It was a dragon landed on the roof.

    "This tall building looks like the sort of place where I could sit and write my poetry undisturbed" said the dragon to himself.

    Scrooge, who'd rushed onto the roof through the trapdoor of the ceiling, instantly recognized the creature as the R…

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