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Blotlings are a species of magical semisentient humanoids akin to Toons (though subtly different in nature).


The Blotlings are a strange race of short, vaguely anthropomorphic monsters with simplistic minds. They are the creations of the Storm Blot, the first and most powerful Blotling, whom Mickey Mouse accidentally created by mixing Yen Sid's Paint and Thinner. The Blot was capable of spawning them intentionally, but any drippings of the unstable material that made up the Blot's body would also naturally mutate into a Blotling within a few minutes.

Like the Storm Blot itself, Blotlings have red or green glowing insides (revealed by their mouths and eyes) and an inky, purplish exterior. Their mind and morality is extremely malleable to magic, and seemingly determined by the paint-to-thinner ratio within their bodies; thus spraying them with Paint (for instance through the Magic Paintbrush) artificially gives them a peaceful and friendly disposition. On the other hand, they are not immune to pure Magical Thinner, which dissolves them as well as anything else.

Types of Blotlings

Aside from the Storm Blot itself and the Blot's Shadow, there exists a great variety of Blotlings, which, together, constitute the Storm Blot's Blotling Army. 

Name Image Description
EmSpatter Graphic Novel.png
The most common, and most moronic, type of Blotlings, Spatters are only really dangerous as a group. They have the curious habit of “dressing” to match their surroundings; a Spatter roaming Tortooga will somehow acquire a pirate's hat and eyepatch, etc. Spatters are easily redeemed, though they are only ever animals more than people; after the death of the Storm Blot, Ghost Ian made a whole business of training Spatters to act nice, in Blot Alley. Others were captured by the dozen by the Mad Doctor and made into the "wetware CPUs" of his Blotworx.
Seer Pin.jpg
Described by Gremlin Gus as the Storm Blot's “watchdogs”, Seers resembled large eyeballs mounted on a pair of skinny bird-like legs. True to this function, Seers were about as intelligent as trained guard dogs. As they only acted as moving “cameras”, going where the imprisoned Blot could not and seeing for him, they had little combat abilities and were considered the lowest rank of Blotlings. After the Blot's destruction, the Wastelanders had no difficulty wiping out any remaining Seers, with the only ones still in existence presumably being the few whom Mickey Mouse had personally redeemed with the Paintbrush in 2010. 
Sweepers 1.jpg
Sweepers are twisted mockeries of the Living Brooms which Mickey Mouse accidentally created with Yen Sid's magic in 1940. They share the real Brooms' obsession with cleaning, but the bucket they carry contains an everlasting supply of Thinner as opposed to water, making their attempts at cleaning deadly to passers-by…
Spladooshes 1.jpg
An “evolutionary dead-end” among Blotlings, Spladooshes are absurdly fat, toad-like Blotlings who spend their time napping. After a given time, they spontaneously explode, a process that is accelerated if they are sprayed with Thinner. Using Paint on them makes them go back to sleep and averts the otherwise-inevitable explosion. 
374115 527113393984749 1249115426 n.jpg
Do not be fooled by many Dropwings' rather dim-witted appearance: these flying atrocities can not only swoop down and take innocent bystanders into the air for nefarious purposes, but they can belch streams of deadly Thinner bubbles. (If Paint is used on them, the bubbles will henceforth be made of Paint instead.)
Slobber 1.jpg
The Blot's strongest minions short of the Blot's Shadow, Slobbers are clawed, gorilla-like warriors who use their enormous physical strength to their advantage in a fight. Unlike most other types of Blotlings, one rarely sees two Slobbers working together; if a Slobber partners with other Blotlings, it will be Spatters, of whom Slobbers can control large platoons. 

Unique Blotlings

Name Image Description
The Storm Blot
The original Storm Blot, the god-like, demonic being accidentally created by Mickey Mouse. The Blot, which was capable of taking a number of different forms (the strongest of which, the true Storm Blot, was of gigantic size and possessed a Slobber-like face and two devil-like horns), was defeated in 2010 by Mickey, Oswald Rabbit and Gremlin Gus.
The Shadow Blot

The largest and most powerful Blotling, this cunning monster posed as the real Storm Blot after it had been sealed into the Jug. Allied with the Mad Doctor, the Shadow schemed to escape Wasteland with him using Mickey Mouse's Heart. It confronted Mickey at Mickeyjunk Mountain and was turned friendly with Paint, flying off to parts unknown.

The Lost Characters
Real people from Wasteland who were sprayed with Thinner by the Shadow Blot, and then absorbed into itself before they had quite died. The Lost Characters had become zombified and Blotling-like, attacking any who came by. After the Blot was destroyed, the Lost Characters returned to normal.
Mickey Mouse
When the Blot's Shadow crashed through the fabric of dimensions to pull Mickey Mouse into the Wasteland, the two briefly merged; from this, Mickey retained just a bit of Blotling fabric within himself. This manifests as ink "bubbling off" from his body whenever he is in Wasteland, a symptom exacerbated by repeated use of Thinner. According to the Mad Doctor, these traces of Blotling substance would be enough to resurrect the original Storm Blot with the right technology, though it is not enough for other Blotlings to recognize Mickey as one of their own. 

Behind the scenes

Blotlings were created (along with their master) for the 2010 video game Epic Mickey

A variety of Blotlings were sketched which did not make it into the games. They include a giant, ogre-like, aggressive version of a Spatter, a winged Spatter reminsecent of a Dropwing, and various alternate designs for the Storm Blot.