Unofficial “Blottie” is a young female anthropomorphic dog.


“Blottie” is the Phantom Blot's young niece. Much like the Blot's young daughter, she wears a cloak identical to her uncle's, even going so far as to go by the name “Blottie”.

Behind the scenesEdit

Blottie was inadvertently created by Don Rosa in January of 1994 in a post as part of the Disney Comics Mailing List.

In the post, Rosa sought to criticize the way the then-recent run fo American-produced Mickey Mouse comics had treated the character and his world. By all appearances Rosa had, in singling out the supposed creation of “Blottie”, meant to criticize the Phantom Brat, from the diptych formed by The Big Fall and A Phantom Blot Bedtime Story. However, though she did wear the black cloak, the Phantom Brat was never called "Blottie", with even the name of “Phantom Brat” itself only being a behind-the-scenes suggestion published after the fact; and, of course, she was not the Blot's niece but rather his daughter. If one chooses to grant some canonicity to Rosa's words, it must thus be the case that Blottie is a different individual from the “Brat”.

It is unclear if she is to be taken as a sibling of the Blot's nephews the Three Blotlings, from Brazilian comics, of whose existence Rosa was clearly unaware in 1994.

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