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The Blotworx were a type of Beetleworx piloted by Blotlings.


The Blotworx were created by the Mad Doctor while stranded in Disney Gulch, as an army to help him conquer Wasteland (following the deactivation of the Beetleworx that had ensued from his lab's explosion). The Blotworx proved too unpredictable for the Doctor, however; thus, he modified his plans, letting the Blotworx cause chaos unbidden and building choice Beetleworx when it came to actual henchmen he needed.  They were created in the same way as the Beetleworx; however, rather than being programmed by the Doctor, they were piloted by the remaining evil Blotlings. In at least one case, the Blotworx Dragon, the Beetleworx being piloted by the Blotling was also possessed of his own artificial intelligence and could act of its own volition if the pilot was ejected; it is unknown if this was true of all Blotworx, or unique to the Dragon.

Mickey Mouse and Oswald faced many Blotworx during the former's second adventure in Wasteland, using either Paint to reform their Blotling pilots or Thinner to destroy them (which would also cause the Blotworx to explode). After the Mad Doctor truly reformed, the Blotworx that had not been reformed or destroyed by Mickey and Oswald were presumably either destroyed, or programmed to help rebuild Wasteland; the Blotworx Dragon was freed from the control of the Blotling, which would suggest, if it actually was among the other Blotworx shells' capabilities to act autonomously, that they underwent a similar treatment.

Types of Blotworx

There are three main types of Blotworx:

Name Image Description
Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 9.31.50 PM.png
The most common type of Blotworx. Named for the force field they can project, blocking attacks. Their design seems to be based partially on that of the robot V.I.N.CENT, who may have ended up in Wasteland at some point. Blockers are piloted by a Spatter located inside of their top half, which can flip open, allowing the Blotling to see what is happening outside of the Blocker.
A Blotworx resembling a car with a single, unicycle-like wheel and two arms composed of various wheels, tires, and other car parts. Rockers can fire homing missiles, and will often attack in groups. They are piloted by Spatter Blotlings located inside of the car portion of the Blotworx. The top of the car can flip open, allowing the Blotling to look outside. 
Shocker Blotworx.jpg
An extremely powerful, but also very rare, type of Blotworx. Shockers can generate lightning bolts, and also use their great strength to attack their enemies. Shockers are piloted by a Spatter Blotling located inside of them, which can only be revealed by pressing a large red button protected by flames, which is located under the Shocker's mask. Shockers appear to be made up of various items originating from the city of Atlantis, pieces of which may well have ended up in Wasteland.
Special Blotworx
Dragon Defeat.png
The Mad Doctor created several unique Blotworx, likely as experimental designs, which don't fit in the three main subtypes. They include the fearsome Blotworx Dragon (pictured left), the Blotworx Vizier, and Blocker-type figures that more heavily merged the Blotling with the robotic parts, making it more of a cyborg augmentation than an exosuit the Spatter could slip out of at any time, as exemplified by the Demon Blotworx.

Behind the scenes

Blotworx are seen in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, as well as in graphic novel adaptation thereof.