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The Blotworx Vizier is or was a Blotworx.


One of the Blotworx created by the Mad Doctor during his exile in Disney Gulch, the Blotworx Vizier appeared larger and stranger than later Blotworx, being an actual welding of organic Blotling matter (possibly merged from numerous separate Blotlings, judging from the numerous eyes) with a Beetleworx head and upper body (created in the likeness of the sorcerer Jafar). The Vizier's head crackled with green electricity and he wielded some version of the real Jafar's Snake Staff.

Obviously unhinged, the Blotworx Vizier presumably proved too unpredictable and rebellious for the Mad Doctor's designs, just like his other Blotworx prototypes. He then let it loose in Wasteland; it is unknown what happened to him later on, though it is likely it was eventually defeated after the Doc turned back to the side of good.

Behind the scenes

The Blotworx Vizier was one of the individual Blotworx designed for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, but eventually scrapped.