Fanwork Blue-Ice Whyte Dragons are a species of nonsentient Dragons.


The icy-white Blue-Ice Whyte Dragons are a long-hibernating Dragon variant most famous for their fire, which is the hottest and most powerful Dragonfire of all Dragon species in the Prime Universe. Their firey breath can be bottled and used up at their leisure by a magic user, something which Magica De Spell intended to take advantage of when a tip-off in Witch Weekly informed her of the presence of a Blue-Ice Whyte in Calisota. However, the Dragon was instead woken up and beckoned to the Cave of the Winds by Lord Leopold Lioneyes's Musical Machine before Magica could make use of it. It subsequently escaped back into the wild when the Musical Machine was destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Blue-Ice Whyte Dragon was created in 2019 by Sarah Jolley, appearing in the story Trial of the Unicorn.

Its name appears to be an allusion to the w:c:yugioh:Blue-Eyes White Dragon, a creature from the popular fantasy card game Yu-Gi-Oh, though the physical appearance and behavior of the two types of Dragons are actually quite different (the Blue-Eyes White of Yu-Gi-Oh being much more fearsome and angular than Jolley's Blue-Ice Whyte).

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