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Blue Orcs, or simply Orcs, are a species of magical sentient humanoid beings.


Likely related to Goons and Goblins, Blue Orcs were a species of (usually) horned humanoids with light blue skin and bright blue whiskers. Blue Orcs lived in Prydain in the Dark Ages, and seemed to mostly live as warriors. Like other humanoids, Blue Orcs were capable of learning magic (including black magic, as famously the case for the Horned King). The Horned King had several Blue Orcs under his command, along with Orcs and at least one Goblin (called Creeper). Blue Orcs appeared to have long come extinct by the 20th century.

Known Blue Orcs

Behind the scenes

Blue Orcs were created in concept art for The Black Cauldron (1985). No such species exists in the original Prydain books by Lloyd Alexander, where the Hunter and the Beast Keeper do not exist and the Horned King's horns were merely ornaments on his helmet as opposed to genuine horns.