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Bo is an anthropomorphic bug.

Description Edit

An adventurous old tramp, Bo is a resident of Junkville and a friend and mentor of Bucky Bug. Bo first met Bucky when the young bug was lost in the woods, after becoming separated from his parents. Bo invited Bucky to travel with him, and the two soon settled in Junkville, where they built a house and started a blacksmith shop. Bo left soon after, as he longed to travel again, leaving Bucky in Junkville.

While travelling, Bo often thought of Bucky, while Bucky, in Junkville, often thought of Bo. As fate would have it, the two would reunite some time later, when Bucky came upon Bo's camp while taking a walk. Although Bo was reluctant at first to return to Junkville, he eventually came to live there semi-permanently. He and Bucky became companions again and often adventure together as they used to do.

Behind the scenes Edit

Bo first appeared in The Quest for Fortune in 1932. He was absent from all other Bucky Bug stories until Bucky and the Oil in 1945, after which he became a main character of the stories once again.

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