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Bob is a diminutive human man.


A little man with a cap, thick glasses, baggy pants and a mustache, Bob (described by Inky as an "old scammer" and a "cheat") is a frequent henchman of Peg-Leg Pete, alongside Paul and Floyd. In 1997, having been arrested, Bob was at the Mouseton Police Department when the departure of Detective Casey and incoming arrival of Brick Boulder were announced; he broke out and carried the news to Pete. Bob then took part in Pete's scheme to discredit Casey and thus cancel his promotion, dressing up as a policeman in the Mouseton Museum to do so. The inevitable failure of the scheme landed him back in jail along with Pete, Paul and Floyd.

Behind the scenes

Bob appears in the 1997 story Chief Casey's Longest Night.

Though this is probably a coincidence, Bob shares his name with a popular film "henchman", who is supervillain the Joker's lead goon in the 1989 Batman feature film. Both even wear spectacles which conceal their eyes.

Bob is also the name of one of Longest Night translator Joe Torcivia's relatives — namely, his brother; however, this is coincidental, as, unlike Paul and Floyd, Bob was not named by Torcivia and was already referred to as "Bob" in Tito Faraci's original script.